Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Engagement Ring


There are a lot of different opinions on the price volatility of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds, but one thing we are sure of is that no isn’t a bad time to sell. If you try to time to market to sell at the exact height of gold prices, odds are your going to guess wrong, and you are going to waste a lot of time in the process. We believe that the best time to sell an engagement or wedding ring is when you are emotionally prepared to sell. No matter how recent or distant yore divorce, don’t underestimate the feelings and emotions you still have attached to your ring.

Get Cash For Your Ring Quickly:

If you are in need of cash, now is the best time to sell your ring. Diamonds and precious metals are assets, and you can liquidate those assets for cash any time you need. Transactions through The Diamond Lining can happen very quickly, meaning you can have cash in your pocket in as little as week!

Diamond Prices:

Diamonds are an interesting asset. They aren’t a commodity because they are more like snowflakes than like crude oil. Different sizes and color and quality rocks come are coming out of the earth all of the time, but that doesn’t mean that supply and demand are always at an equilibrium. Unlike gold or silver, you can’t simply look up a diamond price in the New York Times, or on Google, but there are definitely historical trends in the price of diamonds. For a through primer on historical diamond prices take a look at our historical overview of diamond prices.

Metal Prices:

Metals, gold in particular, are commonly traded commodities with prices that you can look up just about anywhere, but that doesn’t quite translate into the value of the metal in your ring. There are different qualities of the metals, such as 14 karat gold and 24 karat gold. The difference refers to the purity of gold, with 24 being pure gold and 12 karat being 12/24th pure gold, or 58% pure. Gold prices, along with the prices of silver and platinum have risen substantially over the past decade.
Although prices have risen drastically over the past few years, given the current economic conditions, there is no reason to believe such a steady increase will continue in the short run. For more information about the price of gold and other precious metals take a look at our historical overview of gold prices.

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