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The Diamond Lining ensures that you, and your diamond are safe and insured throughout the transaction. Sell your diamond ring from the comfort and security of your own home. With The Diamond Lining there is no need to visit pawn shops, or meet strangers you found on craigslist.
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We are diamond experts with a unique business model. Without the costs associated with a typical jewelry store or pawn shop, our online model allows us to make you a more generous offer for your unwanted diamond.
Customer Homepage


An offer in 1 business day, a check within the week! The Diamond Lining makes it as fast and easy as possible for you to sell your diamond. But if you want more time to think it over, we can do that to. We will help you sell your diamond at the speed you are comfortable.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and every time a door closes, a window opens… but in this case it’s true. Sell your diamond engagement ring and use the money to buy a little happiness. You Deserve it.
Don’t let bad memories keep you from the money you are entitled to. Tell us about your diamond and accept our offer, and you can have cash in your hand in a week!
When you are selling your diamond ring it is important to work with jewelry experts who have your interests at heart. The Diamond Lining was created with exactly this in mind. It is our goal to help consumers sell diamonds, engagement rings, and estate jewelry that they no longer needed in a safe and quick manner. Our friendly customer service and low overhead ensure that you understand the process and receive the best price possible for your diamond engagement ring.

Sell your diamond to The Diamond Lining with confidence.

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