Sporting KC 2013 MLS Cup Ring

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Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 5.30.30 PMMLS cup champions were recently presented with their championship rings to celebrate winning the league. These rings are absolutely beautiful and they are made in great detail.

Each of the rings is handcrafted out of 10-karat white gold. There are ninety-four round brilliant cut diamonds that are white and seventeen round brilliant cut diamonds that are blue. Each ring weighs roughly fifty seven grams.
While the number and weight of diamonds is quite impressive the design really makes the ring stunning. The front of the ring features the Sporting KC shield on the front, which is constructed by using the white gold to spell the name of the team and the white and blue diamond’s to form the emblem on the shield. Above the shield are the words “MLS Cup” and below it is the word “Champions”. Then on the sides of the ring are seventy-two white diamonds that cascade down the edge of the ring. On the left side of the ring features the name and number of the recipient. Also seen on the side of the ring is an image of Sporting Park Stadium, the home stadium of Sporting KC. On the other side the MLS cup is featured in ten karat yellow and white gold along with the year 2013.

The inside of the ring has the engraving #LOUDER 12-7-13 which represents the support of the fans. The inside of the ring also features engravings of each score from the playoff run and the opposing teams logos. The inside of the ring tells the story of the playoff run in amazing detail so the participants will never forget their amazing playoff run.

This ring is an amazing piece of jewelry that tells the story of Sporting KC’s amazing playoff run. The ring honors all of the players that participated in the run as well as the input of the fans that support the team with their hearts and dollars.

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