Avoiding Tan Lines with Jewelry

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Many people relish the vitamin D, warmth and golden tans from soaking up sun rays in the summer, but if you frequently wear watches and jewelry, potentially unsightly tan lines can be a major problem. To avoid pale spots on your skin in odd places, it helps to keep the following tips in mind.

The first and most obvious solution is to simply remove all jewelry before extensive sun exposure. For those who enjoy sunbathing or happen to be deliberately tanning and are fastidious about the uniformity of their tan, this is probably the best overall option. Make sure to store jewelry items (and all other personal affects) someplace safe while tanning, such as a clutch, purse, or travel case close by, especially if you plan to get your sun while lounging around on the beach!

For those who aren’t purposely trying to get a tan but do enjoy spending time outdoors in sunny weather, strategically applying sunscreen can work well for preventing tan lines from showing up wherever articles of jewelry such as wristwatches, bracelets and necklaces are worn. Remember to apply your sunblock of choice before putting on jewelry and going outside, and try to choose the appropriate SPF for your skin tone (generally, paler skin requires higher SPF to avoid tanning and sunburn from UV exposure). Additionally, simply rotating favorite jewelry items around during the summer season and while actively in the sun can help prevent tan lines from forming where you don’t want them. Shifting bracelets and watches from one arm or wrist to another during the day, adjusting the height of necklaces and frequently changing out jewelry from one day to the next all ensure that different areas of skin are exposed more evenly to the sun, with the end result of minimizing tan lines.

If all else fails or you forget to remove jewelry, there are a variety of foundation, bronzing and artificial tanning products available that can be used to cover up tan lines and even out the tone of your skin for a more natural and aesthetic appearance.


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