A Brief Overview Of Canadian Diamonds

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Up until recently, Canadian diamonds were nonexistent. Most diamonds came from countries like South Africa, Australia, or Russia, but thanks to a recent discovery of a Diamond Trove in Canada, Canadian diamonds are now available. Because of this discovery, Canada is known for being the third most provider of diamonds to all of the world.

It was one man that discovered Canadian diamonds, and therefore, set the scene for Canada becoming a leading provider in diamond manufacturing. This man is a geologist known as Chuck Fipke. In the years before discovering Canadian diamonds, he traveled around the world to find these precious gems. In 1981, with the help of a man and fellow geologist named Stewart Blusson, they begin an exploration crew called Dia Met Minerals and headed on there way to find diamonds in Canada. After eight years of not finding any diamonds, Fipke established that there were plenty of diamonds to be had at Lac de Gras, and after a few years of exploration, Fipke came public in 1991 with the valuable diamond information he had come across. The place was full of diamonds, most in fabulous shape and ready to be sold.

In the years that have passed since this discovery, Canada is becoming known as a place to obtain high quality diamonds. Business is soaring between the 4 active mines that are used, and now diamonds from Canada make up 10% of all diamonds by carat being sold all around the world. Canadian diamonds sell so well because they don’t come with the stigma that is often attached to some diamond mining companies, and therefore, the diamond business in Canada is quite lucrative and full of special gems a person will cherish for a lifetime.