A Little More Diamond Humor

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A while back we posted a couple of he classic jokes about diamods. Although these jokes are old hat to most people in the diamond industry, they are brand new to a lot of our blog readers, and it was one of our most popular posts. So we decided to share a couple more diamond related jokes. We hope you enjoy these as much as you enjoyed the last round!

Size Matters:
A woman walks into a jewelry store. Appearing frustrated she looked around anxiously. Suddenly she stopped and screamed. “I need Some service!”

The clerks all glanced at each other anxiously. One of the senior clerks hesitantly approached the woman. “How can I be help you”?”

“Well, my husband was in here yesterday.” the woman said, “He was driving a Rolls Royce and has a beer belly!”

“I believe I remember the gentleman.” the clerk said, “He made the most exquisite purchase.”

“He bought me a ring!” she said, “And it is the wrong size!”

“We can easily adjust the ring to fit ma’am.” said the clerk. “it will only take a moment as we can do it right here in the store.

“The ring fits fine. It is a one carat and I wear a four carat!”

The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Cheap Way:

A guy asks his buddy advice in buying his girlfriend a birthday present. The friend asked him what she liked. The guy said that his girlfriend loved diamonds, but he lost his job and only had a few dollars. That’s easy then, buy her a pack of playing cards.

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