The Diamond Lining Advantage

We Will Pay You Quickly

Unlike Craigslist or eBay, we can make you an offer quickly, and with very little work on your part. The Diamond Lining means you don’t need to spend months trying to sell your ring to another individual; you can sell it to us immediately.  We don’t delay payment, ad we offer a variety of methods of payments including checks, direct deposit, and paypal.

We Specialize In Diamonds

Unlike companies that buy gold, or pawn shops that buy guitars and vacuum cleaners, we specialize in buying diamonds. We can quickly and accurately evaluate your ring and offer you top dollar because of our knowledge and expertise.  Years int he diamond industry have given us the knowledge, and the resources to be able to make you a fast, accurate, and top dollar offer for your stone.  Only a diamond expert can do that.

We Will Make You an Offer for Your Diamond

We make offers for all diamonds, no matter the size, condition or quality.  Other companies are only interested in modern jewelry, or stones over 3 carrots, but at The Diamond Lining we are dedicated to helping consumers sell their diamonds, and that means stones of all shapes and sizes.

We Make Fair Offers

Other companies will send you a check with a low ball offer, and then it is up to you to cancel the transaction. We don’t believe this is an ethical business model.

Our Processes is Transparent

Before you do business with a diamond buyer, it is crucial that you know how their process works. We make every effort to be as transparent as possible, from our How It Works page, to our willingness to answer any questions you might have over the phone. We are eager and willing to spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that you understand how we operate and that you are comfortable with the process.

You Can Reach Us Via Phone or Email & We Will Respond Promptly.

Unlike some companies that try to hide, you can reach us any time you want. Selling a diamond isn’t something you do every day, so we work very hard to make the process as easy as possible. Being easy to reach is part of that effort.

How We are Different:

The Diamond Lining is a legitimate business built on the principal that if you offer a valuable service and treat your customers well, you will be successful. To achieve these goals we make every effort to buy diamond rings quickly, and in a customer friendly manner. If you have a question, call us at 707.733.3285, you will reach an employee, not a call center. We will answer your questions, and we will be courteous and polite.

Unlike some websites, we don’t delay payment, or simply mail you a check and hope you are happy. We will contact you with our offer within 2 business days of receiving your ring. If you accept our offer we will mail you a check immediately. If you decline our offer, no matter the reason, we will mail you back your ring, immediately, and for free. No questions asked.