Advice for telling a new beau that you are divorced

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When you begin dating again after going through a divorce the uncomfortable reality of telling your new beau about having a failed marriage can be a vulnerable experience. However, with a few tips it can be a much better conversation than you might have anticipated. Timing is everything – trust your intuition to choose the right moment to divulge the details of your divorce and do not rush yourself or hold back due to the fear of the unknown.

Focus on overcoming any guilt that you might be carrying because of your painful experience. Relationships are hard; refuse to play the blame game with yourself or your former spouse. Release yourself from any mistakes you might have made and release your ex from theirs. If you can become proactive about forgiving it can be a way to avoid any feelings of shame that could cause issues between you and your new partner. Avoid carrying negative emotions into your conversation. Presenting the truth about the dissolution of your marriage can easily be an opportunity to let your new partner know that you have learned from your experience and are more skilled in the relationship department than you might have been had you not had a failed one.

Use the situation to your advantage and show your new flame that you are more knowledgeable about relationships than the average person is. Remember that any setback in life is just an opportunity for growth and stay positive when you discuss the situation with your partner.
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