All About Amber

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Amber is unique because it comes from a fossilized tree resin and it can go from being part of tree to being shaped into some of the world’s most beautiful jewelry ever made. The most beautiful amber gemstones are Dominican, Baltic Amber and Blue Amber.A piece of raw amber

Dominican amber dates back almost 25 million years ago and is one the oldest types of gemstones. This type of amber it is always transparent, and it has a higher number of fossil inclusions. It comes in many different colors, but the most common and most valued colored is a yellowish honey colored. The most common places to find this type of amber is in the Dominican republic in La Cordillera Septentrional, Bayaguana and Sabana de la Mar.

Baltic Amber is known as the “gold of the North” and has been discovered in tombs of one of the most ancient cultures known as the Aurignacian culture. The Ancient Roman women thought it was very fashionable to wear grand sets of Baltic amber gemstones in their hair. It has five types of classification which makes it one the most diverse gemstones in the world. The Natural Baltic amber goes by its name “it is all natural”. Modified Baltic amber is like a 50 year old Hollywood actress nothing looks natural expected for their height. Reconstructed Baltic amber is pieces of amber pressed in high temperature and under a large load of presser. Bonded Baltic amber is the “schizophrenia” of the Baltic amber because it is two gemstone or more bonded together to make one gemstone.

The Blue Amber is the most sought after and rarest of the Amber stones. The Blue Amber is categorized as a Dominican Amber gemstone. But what makes it truly unique is under artificial light, the blue amber appears like a Dominican amber gemstone, but under sunlight the blue amber has an intense fluorescent blue glow.

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