All About Aquamarine

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Aquamarine is a beautiful, transparent gemstone that’s a type of beryl. It has a brilliant, light blue or light blue-green color that reminds people of the sea. It’s usually found as a clear to opaque crystal that can be tumbled or faceted and is found in Russia, the United States especially in Wyoming and Colorado, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Ireland and Zimbabwe. Some of Aquamarinethe most beautiful aquamarines come from Brazil’s Santa Maria de Itabira mine.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of Pisces. People who deal in crystals prize the stone because it imparts courage and calm energy and quiets the mind. In the Middle Ages, people believed that aquamarine could counter the effects of poison. Aquamarine is a fairly hard gem with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 7.5 to 8.0. Being beryl, aquamarine would be colorless save the inclusion of iron. Aquamarine can be cut in many of the some ways as a diamond, or it can be made into a cabochon. A cabochon cut makes it easy to see the gemstone’s flaws, but unlike diamond an aquamarine’s beauty might actually be enhanced by its flaws.

Some famous aquamarines are the 10,363 carat Dom Pedro aquamarine. It can be seen at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom also has a set of aquamarine jewelry called the Brazil Parure. She was given these jewels when she was crowned in 1953 by the President of the Brazil. The original set consists of a necklace and drop earrings made of carefully chosen and cut aquamarines and diamonds. The queen had a matching tiara made to go with these pieces about four years later. About a year after that, the government of Brazil gave the queen an aquamarine and diamond bracelet and brooch to go with the rest of the set.

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