All About Garnet

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The garnet gets its name from the Latin word “granatus” and is named after the shimmering ruby seeds of the pomegranate. In fact, according to the Burke Museum of Natural History, the garnet is six different stones presenting in a rainbow of colors and can be found in many parts of the United States as well as in Russia, Kenya, A Garnet StoneMadagascar, Turkey, South America, and South Africa.

The garnet has been termed the poor man’s ruby, but there was a time when the garnet was as sought after as the most precious diamond. Queen Victoria favored the red stone and was known to bestow gifts of jewelry beholding this cheery stone to close friends and family. One of the most spectacular garnets was said to be owned by the King of Saxony weighing over 465 carats and Plato was said to have had his portrait engraved on the stone. This hard-working gem also festooned scabbards, breastplates, and swords of warriors and fashioned deadly arrows for a hunter’s spear.

The garnet comes with a rich legend and lore. When you wear a garnet you may be warding off depression, bad dreams, and a series of blood-related diseases. Or you may be using it as a fertility amulet. The Old Testament gives the garnet the power to illuminate the ark and the Koran tells of the garnet’s power to illuminate the Fourth Heaven. You can give a garnet to a loved one embarking upon a trip to ensure their safe return based on the legend of Hades and Persephone. Or you can wear a garnet to relieve any inflammation of the skin or to give peace of mind.

The garnet is the traditional birthstone for January and whether you believe in the lore or the legend, it deserves a hallowed place in any jewelry collection. It is a gem of loyalty, love, and a perfect companion for men and women alike.

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