All About Jade

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Jade is actually a generic term used for two separate gems, nephrite and jadeite. How the gem is valued is according to its color and intensity of the color, the texture, clarity and transparency.

Jade is found in several parts of the world. The highest quality of jadeite, which is more valuable than its nephrite counterpart, is found in MA Jade Stoneyanmar (Burma). But, it is also found in almost every region of the world like Canada, China, Japan, and Russia just to name a few. Nephrite is found in Alaska, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, and Australia to start.

But, jade is not only valued for its beauty, but also for its energy and healing properties. It is well-known for treating kidney and adrenal glands. Jade supposedly removes toxins from the body and also assists in the healing of stitches. The safest way to administer jade is to wear the gemstone on the skin where the troubled part is.

Jade is actually harder than steel, and for this reason, cannot be carved. It is ground and polished into the intricate shapes that this gemstone has been fashioned into. One of the most famous jade pieces is the Jadeite Cabbage from the 19th century. Part of the National Palace Museum collection in Taipei, Taiwan, it combines colors natural with jadeite to create a Chinese cabbage sculpture complete with insects.

Many times jade is worn as a talisman which is said to bring tranquility and harmony. Highly prized in Chinese culture it is often worn or carried. It is also believed that a jade bangle should be worn for protection. If receiving a gift of jade, this is said to be lucky. However, to also be the giver of jade is also said to receive luck as well. Not a bad deal!

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