All About Moonstone

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It is almost impossible not to notice the brilliance of moonstone. The early Romans believed that the gem was created by rays from the moon. Both the Greeks and the Romans associated moonstone with their gods and goddesses. In reality moonstone is created from the magma of volcanos. Moonstone is made from stone called feldspar; this stone actually makes up about sixty percent of the Earth’s crust, and Several Moonstonesdoesn’t contain metals or ores. When magma cools from a volcano the minerals inside the feldspar actually begin to become more and more concentrated. If water begins to mix in with the liquid magma, it begins to cool and form crystals. With moonstone the crystal are formed layer after layer which gives the moonstone its unique glow.
Moonstone can be found in all different types of jewelry. Most of the time moonstone is found in rings, pendants and earrings. Moonstone jewelry should be well taken care of because the stone is very soft. There are several people who wear jewelry made of moonstones because moonstone is thought to bring good luck. Usually, when moonstone is placed in jewelry it is cut into a rounded shape instead of in facets. This method allows the structures within the stone to catch the light, maintain its glow.
Moonstone can be difficult to find. It can be found in the United States, but the one could find higher quality in countries such as India, Burma, and Sir Lanka. Even though the stone can be somewhat difficult to find, the price of the stone can vary significantly. The price of the moonstone is most often based on clarity and size. The most valuable types of moonstone are those which are colorless and have a strong blue sheen. These types of stone usually come from Burma and can be more difficult to find.

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