All About the AGS

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Robert M. Shipley was a jeweler during the 1920’s. He was successful, but his knowledge about gems was lacking and some customers brought this fact to his attention. This was not an uncommon activity to happen to jewelers during that time, as there was no formal schooling in the industry. Embarrassed by the experience and suffering the loss of his stores due to a divorce, Shipley headed to Europe. During his stay he completed a correspondence course on gemology and in 1934, determined to bring back public trust in jewelers, established his own course in Los Angeles. His students would become the foundation of the American Gem Society.

The AGS is not-for-profit trade association based in Las Vegas. It is comprised of jewelers, appraisers and suppliers whose main concern is protecting the consumer. All members are held to an extremely high standard of ethics. To ensure this, the rules of membership are stringent. In fact, in the United States and Canada, only one in twenty jewelers meet all the requirements of membership. The American Gem Society trains and issues initial certifications and yearly re-certifications to gemologists, jewelers and appraisers. The AGS also has its own laboratory that has developed not only grading services for diamonds but also laser inscription services that can inscribe text or logos onto diamonds.

The American Gem Society has been protecting jewelry customers for over eighty years. Its organization is highly respected around the world. By making sure a store is a member, consumers can be assured that they are going to get quality service and genuine articles.


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