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EGL USA is a gemological laboratory that has been in operation for more than 30 years. The goal of the laboratory is to provide innovative gemological studies, laboratory assessment and testing. EGL USA’s continuing scientific research is an effect of the organization’s dedication to ensuring the safety of consumers and the industry in general.

Science isn’t the sole component of EGL USA’s existence, however. EGL USA also aims to encourage new and modern developments within its field. As a result, the EGL USA team regularly participates in conversation with industry aficionados and customers alike. They provide in-depth written reports of their scientific findings. Most importantly of all, they provide top-notch services to all of their valued customers.

The laboratory’s head office is situated in New York, New York, specifically in the center of the bustling diamond district. EGL USA has been devoted to its scientific duties since first opening its doors all the way back in 1977. EGL USA changed into an independently run business close to a decade later in 1986. The organization grew so quickly that they had to start a West Coast branch across the nation in Los Angeles, California. In the modern day, both of these laboratory branches work together to provide certification for both gemstones and diamonds. They offer their services in North America alone.

Some examples of EGL USA’s many notable and diverse accomplishments throughout the years include the grading of diamonds that don’t even weigh a single carat, the establishment of a consumer hotline, providing innovative cold laser inscription, offering speedy 72-hour service for diamond assessments, employing X-ray digital image techniques to analyze pearls and checking for high pressure, high temperature-treated diamonds. Their achievements don’t stop with those, either.

If you’d like to request reports, services or information in general from the experienced and knowledgeable team at EGL USA, you can contact the organization’s corporate departments and consumer services division by telephone or email.

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