All About Topaz

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Topaz is considered to be a very common gemstone and the official birthstone of November. With that in mind, it also leads this being an inexpensive gemstone in some cases.

There are many forms of this gemstone as well, with some having high quality color variations when shown in different light and Three Topaz Stoneslocations. It is why it is sought after by many in that it can actually be used for a wide range of jewelry. Any of the stones that are pink, blue, or orange in color are going to be cut as actual gemstones and used in more expensive pieces. The stones that range in all colors are mostly used in rings, necklaces, broaches, earrings, and bracelets. Topaz that is colorless is very popular for many. When cut in the correct way, it can simulate a diamond in different types of jewelry or a standalone piece. The larger cuts of this gemstone, which are flawless, are considered collector’s items and can sell for much more than any other type of Topaz. Mystic Topaz is also a popular gem, but this form of color is not produced naturally. The rainbow effect comes from the gem being treated with film deposition.
All of this considered, the rarest form of this gemstone is blue. Even though it can actually be found out in the natural world, it is still a rarity to find it, especially in flawless form. It is also a light color when in its natural state. Darker blues in some jewelry have been treated to gain that darker hue.

Places that this gem can be found is the U.S., more often in New Hampshire and Utah, Sri Lanka, Burma, Afghanistan, India, China, Ukraine, Madagascar, Namibia, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, and Japan. Brazil is considered to be the largest supplier of Topaz in the entire world.

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