All About Tourmaline

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The Tourmaline gemstone can be found all over the world. A few of the concentrated areas include Maine, California, Brazil and China. You can usually find Tourmaline in volcanic pegmatites. Sometimes you can also find them in eluvia or alluvial deposits. Tourmaline is an appealing stone, and it comes in a plethora of colors. These colors include red, green, pink, red, brown, blue, yellow and black to name a few. Black Tourmaline is the most popular, but the A Variety of Tourmaline Stonesother colors are popular as well. These lovely stones are made from aluminum, lithium, borate, silicon and other elements.

Tourmaline has received a sprout in popularity the last couple years. It has been used for jewelry and health purposes as well. You can find Tourmaline rings, bracelets, and pendants through a variety of sources. The reason why many believe this stone to be so useful, is it releases negative ions. These ions are beneficial because they can purify the air. When this stone touches the body, it is thought to be healing to the body. Tourmaline is thought to purify the blood, which of course helps circulation. Because of its calming nature, Tourmaline may also help you sleep. Each color of Tourmaline has its on additional health benefits.

Tourmaline jewelry is pretty affordable, so you can reap the health benefits at a reasonable price. Even if you are not interested in using Tourmaline jewelry for health purposes, Tourmaline is still a mesmerizing stone. Since it is not as popular as other gemstones, wearing it will give you a unique quality that others just won’t have. When you wear this powerful stone you may feel a slight electrical charge. But don’t worry this is only beneficial to your health.

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