Alternative Wedding Ideas for a Second Marriage

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Traditionally, there was a mostly unspoken rule that a second wedding ought to be small, low-key, and not call too much attention to itself. But that custom is not exactly trending these days. If you’re planning your second wedding, it’s okay to just go ahead and do what you feel is appropriate. What’s most important is what is going to make you and your future husband or wife happy.
If that means a large lavish affair with the bride wearing a white dress trailing ten feet behind her and veil or a small gathering of only family and well-known friends, it’s your choice.
Now that you are older and more experienced in life, more sure of your place on the planet, perhaps you won’t feel quite so obliged to satisfy your parents on your second wedding day. So, you have more choices.
Here are some 21st Century wedding options:
Invite family and dear friends to a place out of town that they would not usually frequent. Maybe a nearby vacation spot (or even a distantly exotic one, depending on your wedding budget) for a whole weekend leading up to a Sunday ceremony and reception. Plan activities like visits to memorable local sights, restaurants, sporting contests, attractions. The attraction for the wedding guests is, of course, the weekend becomes a mini-vacation. What’s not to love about that?
Perhaps, you’d rather have the ceremony in private. Then vastly expand the guest list for a party to which you invite a plethora of family and friends who may not, in their routine lives, have occasion to mix—just to spice things up.
Or, a surprise wedding is always fun. Ostensibly invite guests to holiday festivities or a birthday party. Then, at just the right moment, the happy couple can spring the wedding surprise on everybody. This type of wedding is definitely alternative, for the couple who wish to avoid the usual ceremony.
Of course, you and your spouse can leave in or take out whatever elements you choose. What’s important is the significance and memory of the happy day.

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