Announcing Your Divorce on Facebook

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When people get married, they have a tendency to think that the happiness they feel on their wedding day will last forever. It is easy to think that there is nothing that can come between you and your loved one when everything is going your way. In fact, it is almost impossible to imagine the idea that you will eventually have differences that are so vast that it will be virtually impossible to come to some type of common ground. While this is difficult to conceive, it happens to people each and every day. In truth, it has become so common that more than half of the individuals that get married will eventually get a divorce. If this is not a sobering fact in and of itself, the ways that many people are starting to announce their impending divorce are enough to make even the most hardened individuals stop and think.

One recent trend that many people are starting to follow is to announce their divorce on Facebook. It seems like Facebook has taken the place of regular communication these days. Many people no longer make the effort to communicate with anyone face to face and instead, simply announce whatever is going on in their lives for all to see on their Facebook page. Some people have absolutely no problem with this while others find it extremely difficult to imagine how anyone can be so open or so brazen as to announce things of a very personal nature on a social media website.

The truth is, many people are making the decision to announce their impending divorce on Facebook because they know that the information is going to come out anyway. Divorces must be announced in publications such as newspapers and anyone that is close to an individual who is going through a divorce is going to know that something is wrong even if that person chooses not to tell them. As a result, many people are deciding that if the rest of the world is going to find out that they are getting divorced, they would rather that they find out directly from them. As a result, they put it in their own words and then they simply put it out there. It is a way that they can tell hundreds or even thousands of people at one time without having to go through the painful experience of explaining it on a case by case basis. For that reason, many people are making the decision to do exactly that.

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