Best Jewelry for Summer Birthdays and Anniversaries

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Parties are perhaps the best opportunities to show off all of one’s best jewelry. It is natural to want to make the best possible impression on people that one does not get to see very often. Dressing for special occasions during the summer requires a bit of finesse, as one’s absolute best jewelry might not wear well in heat and humidity, but there still needs to be enough sparkle to make the outfit look dressy.

A good starting point is to pick out pieces that stand out against the chosen outfit. These days, social media always factors into events somehow, so photography should be taken into consideration. Sparkly cocktail rings always photograph well, and they also look cute and fun in person. It is acceptable to wear kitschy costume jewelry at events that are casual or are mostly attended by family members; there is no need to go out of one’s way to make impressive shows of wealth around family.

Beaded necklaces and bracelets show up clearly in pictures as well. Beads have the added benefit of looking summery. A beach or surf ensemble could be dressed up with a few long strings of beads and, within minutes, be party-appropriate. Wooden jewelry is another great choice for summer parties because it shows that care was put into planning the outfit, but it does not add any fussiness to the look. Jewelry made out of natural or earthy materials is good for adding depth and interest to an outfit without pulling the ensemble into formal territory.

Sunglasses are essential for any outdoor summer celebration. Over-sized Hollywood-style frames are ideal for making the sunglasses look like a deliberate fashion-based decision instead of a quick utilitarian one. The party is bound to be full of people wearing basic, plain frames, so wearing overtly stylish sunglasses sets one apart from the rest of the guests in a good way. Good summer style is a combination of carefree casualness and well-chosen individual pieces.


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