Buying A Great Engagement Ring The Second Marriage

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Second marriages have become common place in today’s society. There are some differences between the first step of nuptials and the second, one of which is the engagement ring. Few know that there is etiquette surrounding the purchase of the second engagement ring. Typically, a second wedding is between two mature people who have probably already lived together. It is perfectly acceptable to discuss the rings between the bride and groom even in the first marriage. While the first engagement ring is all about spontaneity, the second one usually is not that spirited. Get the bride’s input and ask her what she likes and doesn’t.

The important thing about selecting a second engagement ring is to make sure it in no way resembles the first. Since the parties should be more mature, talking about the past, and moving on and learning from it is part of a second relationship. Some women do want that element of surprise; this is why a couple needs to be open and honest about what kind of ring they would like. Find out about the other wedding rings, the carrot weight and anything unique or spectacular. Did they have silver, gold or platinum bands? The only way to ensure this one has no similarities to the second is to make sure it is on a grander scale. Some couples forgo the diamond and choose to get matching bands with some sentiment engraved on the inside; this is completely acceptable these days.

When first marriages occur, budgets are usually a big concern. However, when dealing with second marriages, they are normally a bit more secure financially. Because second marriages occur in a more financial secure season, a bigger and better ring is in order. If the bride has a dream engagement ring, the groom should try to get that for her regardless of how many times she has been married. A bride, the second time around, usually wants a ring that is more refined and elegant in nature. Elegant usually means a larger stone and brilliant diamonds. Bigger is always better for any bride, but especially for the mature one.

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