Buying Jewelry on Vacation Abroad

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You like the rush of purchasing jewelry while on vacation, but it may come with a catch.

Everything that glitters isn’t gold. It’s a tired cliché but is nevertheless true when you decide to buy gold jewelry abroad. Outside of the United States, gold is not regulated and standardized. That means if you buy gold that’s stamped 14kt, it’s more likely of a lower quality.

Sometimes impulse buys bring instant regret. Once you buy a piece of jewelry, you may take a closer look at it and realize that it’s not really your taste. Or maybe you loved the jewelry but it made you break out into a rash! Even when you have a receipt, it’s doubtful you’ll able to get your money back if you bought jewelry in privately owned jewelry shops which often don’t have a return policy. Basically, you get what you pay for, a deeply discounted piece of jewelry that is a final sale. Plus, when a return is possible, it may not be worth the cost of international shipping and handling.

Cheap Gemstones
As with gold, gems sold outside the United States are often low quality. The majority of these gems are sold with tons of imperfections and may appear chipped, cracked, very pale or light in shade.

Buying the Wrong Ring Size
Vacationing in a hot climate can present problems with accurate ring fittings. Your fingers can swell about 1/2 size bigger in tropical temperatures but once you return home, your ring size will change back to normal and then your ring won’t fit! It could cost you up to $30 or more to get your ring resized.

Declaring Jewelry
If you buy an expensive piece of jewelry, you will have to pay a customs duty on it when you return to the States. Customs charges might be more than you’re willing to pay for an item that may or not be of good quality.

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