Selling a Diamond Ring in Nanaimo BC

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Engagement and Marriage in Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo is the second largest city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Nanaimo is the Harbour city. Originally it was the site where five separate native villages gathered together, a place called “snenymo” which meant ‘great and mighty people’. The area was first explored by the Spanish and later by Captain George Vancouver. Nanaimo, BC is also fondly known as the “Hub, Tub, and Pub City” because of its association with the bathtub racing and the numerous “watering holes”. Nanaimo, BC enjoys one of the mildest climates in Canada. We are protected from Pacific weather systems by the range of mountains which run the length of Vancouver Island. In the summer months the average daily high temperature is 20 degree. Even during the winter months, Nanaimo’s average daily temperature normally remains above freezing. Great climate allows us to comfortably enjoy outdoor pursuits all year long. Nanaimo, BC is a marvelous place to get engaged.Selling a Diamond Ring in Niagara Falls ON, Selling a Diamond Ring in Oshawa ON, Selling a Diamond Ring in Ottawa ON