Announcing Your Engagement on Facebook

Social media has really begun to take over our lives. These days, there are all sorts of announcements made via social networks and engagements are at the top of the list. In order to avoid upsetting close friends and family with your engagement announcement on Facebook, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Before announcing the the world that you are so blissfully happy that you are ready to make the next step, it is encouraged that you take some time to notify your family and friends in person. If that is not possible, at the very least they should receive a phone call. No one wants to find out that their daughter or son is engaged through Facebook. It is a very important occasion and you want to share it with the world, but save the feelings of others and show their importance to you by letting them know first.

Once you have told your closest friends and family, you can go all out with your announcement on Facebook. If you want to make it stand out from the multitude of others that have been posted by your friends, share the story and some pictures. People will want to know the details so you should begin by giving as much as you are comfortable with. It is an exciting time but also keep in mind that people do not want to read a book on a social networking website. Give them just enough that they are excited and satisfied. The people who want to know more will inquire and you can give more details as you please.

Lastly, do not substitute your official announcements sent through the mail with the Facebook announcement. This should simply be your way of notifying people in your network. The people that you will be including in the celebration of the wedding should still receive physical announcements. It may seem old fashioned but don’t let the romance go out the window during your special time. After, you want this one to be your last so do it right!

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