Dating After Divorce

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Let’s not sugar coat it: The first date after a divorce is a nerve-racking experience that is going to test your confidence and your patience.

The world of dating has drastically changed over the last decade. Nobody meets in bars, clubs, book stores, or malls anymore. It’s all about online dating. Someone will probably recommend a site or 15, and you will sign up with hopes and expectations high. Then, you’ll stare at the screen for hours trying to decide what to put in the “About Me” section and desperately looking for pictures that don’t include your ex and are at least a little bit flattering. You answer online questionnaires like you’re auditioning for a job too. If you were married a long time, this process is going to be painfully awkward.

Finally you submit and either find someone interesting, or you get a message from someone that looks promising. Conversation is smooth and you decide to meet in person. It will feel like there is a rumba being danced on your nerves, and questions like, “am I ready?” or “Can I really do this?” will come to mind. You may even think things like “I don’t know how to behave.”

Just remember one thing: Be yourself. If nervous is you, then let it be you. More often than not, this first date is not going to be a long-term companion, but will be your buffer to get you ready for the journey ahead.

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