How Can You Determine The Value Of A Diamond

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There are several ways to determine the value of a diamond. The question is how precise do you want to need to be in this determination. Knowing the value of a diamond for insurance purposes is one thing, wanting to know the value for resell is something else entirely. Understanding that replacement cost differ from resell. This is because resell is all based on market, demand and what the person or establishment well pay for any given diamond based off their profit needs. For replacement cost knowing the exact value is far more advantageous.

To determine the value of a diamond you need to understand the four qualities that make a diamond valuable. These are its carat weight, clarity of the diamond, the cut of the diamond and lastly the color of a diamond. Carat weight is simple to determine, simply weight the diamond in milligrams and dived that number by 200. Be sure the diamonds and scale are clean for an accurate weight. Cut also is fairly easy to determine by using published diamond cut charts that will tell you the style of cut, for example princess or oval. Note that uncut diamond are not refined so there rate is reduces and take n off wholesale carat weight.

The last two determinations of a diamonds value are far trickier. Color and clarity need to be investigated under a jeweler’s trained eye. Determining color or even clarity with the naked eye is near impossible. Small flaws reside in every diamond, the size and type of flaw can have dramatic effects on the value of the diamond. If you’re serious about obtaining the true value of a diamond take it to an appraiser. Most will appraise a diamond for free and can provide the best value to a diamond.