Blue Ivy’s $80,000 Diamond Barbie Doll

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More than a girl, Blue Ivy looks like a princess. The daughter of Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z has become the most precious little thing to her parents who spare no expense to give her everything she needs and more to their little princess.Diamond Encrusted Barbie

Blue Ivy and will be a year old and her beloved parents want to celebrate in style. So Beyonce and Jay-Z organized a party in New York that rivals the Disney princess movies. White and pink roses, a giant cake and many thousands of dollars spent. The flowers that adorn the place are valued at eighty thousand dollars, and that’s on top of the price of the cake: over two thousand dollars.

In addition to this wonderful party, the couple wanted to give a special birthday gift to their child. Any little girl dreams of receiving a Barbie as a gift, and that’s what they decided to buy for Blue Ivy. However, it is not just any doll. As their daughter is very special to them, they wanted to give her a Barbie that is as wonderful as she is. Thus the chosen doll is specially designed for Blue Ivy and has about 160 diamonds and white gold inlays. This gift is not only unique and special, but also very valuable. And it doesn’t have just personal value, which it surely does, but this Barbie is valued at $80,000. But as a source close to the couple says: “Nothing is too big or expensive for your little princess. They wanted her first birthday to be special for the rest of her life.” And if little Blue Ivy remembers it all in a few years, without a doubt, it will have been a special birthday.

Her parents also wanted to spend a few days with their daughter and celebrate her birthday by enjoying the beach.

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