Diamond Dog Collars

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How the Rich and Famous Pamper their pooches with Diamond Dog Collars
Doggie couture has gained in popularity among the elite. Everywhere from low end dog boutiques to Target carries some kind of cheaper knock off version of things such as dog bag’s and diamond dog collars but where can we find the real thing? Where is this trend coming from?

Diamond dog collars are gorgeous and they are the ultimate treat when you want to pamper your pooch. The cost of a real diamond dog collar usually runs between Three Thousand and Three point two Million Dollars. That is quite a large sum of money for the average person to try to come up with so ultimately, this trend among the elite has spawned a trend among the more average of us to seek doggie bling that mimics the diamond dog collars by using rhinestone’s instead of diamonds.

Dog CollarOne of the leading suppliers of the diamond dig collars is I Love Dogs, Inc. which is located on 5th Avenue in New York City. This shop specializes in custom made diamond dog jewelry and is the home of the world’s most expensive dog collar. It’s called Amour, Amour and its fifty-two carats with 1,600 hand-set diamonds. This is the ultimate in pet pampering and even tops the fifty-five thousand dollars that Paris Hilton spent on a collar for her dog, Tinkerbell. Some of the other big names in the diamond collar industry are Diamond Dogs in England and Bitch New York which is a celebrity favorite with the likes of David Arquette,Verne Troyer, and Jewel shopping there.

Most of us will never be able to attain such riches for our pups. Certainly one can dream and marvel at how the bond between man and dog will shape itself in our society in the future. This is certainly an interesting phenomenon.

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