Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2013

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A diamond engagement ring is probably the most meaningful purchase you’ll make. Now more than ever, couples are buying their rings together, making the engagement ring a symbol of their relationship and style. To cater to that trend, designers are incorporating elegance and romance into new styles with a unique flair. What are the three new trends for 2013?

Diamond Colors
Diamond colors have never been more hot. Either as the main stone or mixed into a setting, colored diamonds provide a vibrant pop of color that gives a ring personality. Warmer colored diamonds in the K through P range on the color scale are becoming stylish and sought-after. Pink and blue diamonds are also popular and contrast beautifully in settings.

Fancy Cuts
Diamond shapes are a fun way to express yourself. While the round brilliant cut is still the gold standard, fun and unique cuts are becoming popular again. Step-cut diamonds such as the Asscher, with its distinctive faceting, are trending and showing up in new ring designs everywhere. Antique style cuts such as the Old European Cut (OEC), Old Mine Cut (OMC), and cushion cut are in demand because of the large, chunky facets. Rose cut and rough cut diamonds with their soft glow are also popular.

Delicate bands, Pavé, and Halo Settings
The solitaire will always have a very classic and timeless look, but more and more brides are choosing delicate and detailed ring settings to complement their diamond. Intricate and slender pavé-set bands with elegant engraving or tiny milgrain details are all the rage, often sold with matching wedding bands to complete the look. The halo was a fashionable trend and will continue to be preferred by many. Halos provide a beautiful, sparkly frame for your diamond and give the appearance of a larger ring. New designs will include double or triple row halos for maximum sparkle, halos in creative shapes to accommodate fancy shaped stones, and colored diamonds in the halo for contrast.

Whether you prefer traditional styles or the more delicate, romantic styles, designers are offering everyone something to fit their tastes and personalities.

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