Diamond Industry Trends

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The diamond industry has grown in three areas each of which is represented in trends. One trend is in the way the stone is packaged. The second trend is the metal being used to house the precious stone on a jewelry peace. The third is the color of stone chosen for traditional events such as engagements and weddings.
For many years, a diamond ring was bought in a little black box that was covered with a velvety covering. Jewelry stores have found, changing the package the ring comes in has changed the way their stores do business. Once the merchandise is out of the box, most just forget about the box. It either gets thrown out, or it sits on the dresser top unnoticed. If the engagement ring is placed in a more beautiful package, that package will draw the attention of future customers. More jewelry stores are using packaging companies to create nicer looking containers for the engagement and wedding rings.
Silver is the “new” precious metal. Celebrities and the wealthy are using silver to house engagement rings. New trends tend to be set by celebrities. They are moving towards sterling silver rings more so than their gold counter parts. Sterling silver rings are not just housing precious stones; consumers are now ordering them with bold geometric shapes and filigree styles.
Colored diamonds are fast becoming popular as engagement rings. Jennifer Lopez was engaged in a pink diamond; Carry Underwood has a yellow diamond, and Carmen Electra has a black diamond. The traditional diamond as the engagement ring will probably never lose its appeal; however, we are seeing more and more colored diamonds take their places among the jewelry market place.

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