Diamond Jewelry Trends of 2013

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Diamonds have long been known as the most brilliant gemstone. For thousands of years, these gems have been highly prized as the cream of the crop of all jewels. They have been long used as a sign of royalty from pharaohs, to kings and czars. Over thousands of years the use and style of diamond jewelry has changed and transformed , and some styles have there way back around into the world of elegant jewelry. Today, diamond jewelry has undergone a series of transformations which has brought back a classic jewelry style once known only by royalty.

Diamonds are now worn by many types of people from all ethnicities, income brackets and cultural backgrounds. Gone are the days when only the wealthiest of people and royalty wore diamond jewelry.

Some of the most recent changes in diamond jewelry trends, are a change back to some of the more royal forms of jewelry designs. Part of this growing trend has been recently fueled by the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Since Prince William gave Kate the ring his mother had which was a large blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds( a classic royal ring style), the style has exploded in popularity. Other classic diamond jewelry trends of older royalty have also crept back in. Rings that have multi layers of diamonds in more complex patterns (widely known to be distinguished signature royalty styles) has also become very popular in both white and yellow gold. In addition, the antique look for new jewelry has also made a comeback. These designs make the jewelry look like they are antique even though they are brand new. This is mostly accomplished with different style cuts of the diamonds and through the designs of the silver or gold settings.

Diamond necklaces have also changed from single or smaller diamond pendant designs, to cascading diamond pendant designs and many diamonds intertwined within sterling silver, or white and yellow gold designs.

Another very popular trend that has emerged in the last few years has occurred in all styles of jewelry including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and even watches. It is a style infused with many diamonds that are smaller into the jewelry piece instead of one larger diamond. This has grown in popularity whether the piece is a series of many diamonds as the entire jewelry or they are accenting other gems as the case with Princess Katherine engagement ring.

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