Selling a diamond wedding ring in Alhambra, CA

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Engagement and Marriage in Alhambra, CA

Alhambra, CA is a leading favorite location for couples who want a traditional church ceremony. Alhambra, CA has its fair share of grand cathedrals which provide the perfect backdrop for a unique marriage celebration. The famous San Gabriel Church has a chapel that offers marriage celebration services on very short notice. Other popular chapels are the Madonna marriage chapel and the Pasadena chapel. However, if you want a non religious ceremony, there are a couple of great sites such as the Quiet Cannon which provides a really scenic view which is appropriate for marriage receptions. Because of its many facilities is a great pick if you intend to have your celebrations past nightfall. Alhambra, CA is also home to some great five star hotels such as the Hilton where you can hold an indoor reception while sampling some great cuisineSelling a diamond wedding ring in Ann Arbor, MI , Selling a diamond wedding ring in Boulder, CO , Selling a diamond wedding ring in Brockton, MA