Selling a diamond wedding ring in Fall River, MA

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Engagement and Marriage in Fall River, MA

Let a lighthouse host your wedding in Fall River, MA, a historic city south of Boston with a romantic history of shipbuilding, whaling, and marine exploration. Fall River, MA, was built by merchants and shipbuilders and was a major port throughout the nineteenth century. Today the former sites of industry have been converted into historic museums and waterfront parks, with spacious grounds perfect for outdoor weddings. The Fall River Carousel is a unique attraction sure to delight guests young and old alike–built in 1920, the antique carousel features forty-four handmade horses and chariots situated on the water’s edge. Beaches and forests abound, all available for rental from the Park Service, and the city of Fall River, MA, offers a wide range of dining and entertainment choices including a strong community of Portuguese-Americans, whose vibrant cuisine warms up even cold weather.Selling a diamond wedding ring in Fargo, ND , Selling a diamond wedding ring in Flint, MI , Selling a diamond wedding ring in Fontana, CA