Diamonds in Manufacturing

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The Useful Properties of Diamonds in Manufacturing
The major reason manufacturers use diamonds in their processes is due to the useful properties of the highest hardness among comparative materials and highest thermal conduction of equivalent materials of bulk composition. Diamond properties perform well in cutting, grinding and polishing. They are also used in the electrical parts and equipment industry when semi-conductors and insulators are part of the specifications. Diamonds are an excellent conductor of heat in certain manufactured products.

Diamonds Used in Manufacturing for Consumer Goods
Diamonds used in manufacturing are known as industrial grade diamonds. Industrial grade diamonds are used in precision cutting instruments as well as rough-cut polishing of various metal tools and blades. Blue diamonds are used in the manufacture of semi-conductors due to an impurity in blue diamond composition known as boron. Blue diamonds are used to manufacture semi-conductors and insulators for a variety of consumer products from solar cells to today’s hi-tech devices when diodes and transistors are part of video games, computers, computer chips and the newest generations of cell phones. Electrical insulators like glass and paper provide another means of insulation in the manufacture of electrical products like wires or large industrial cables.

Industrial Grade Diamonds
Manufacturing processes that require industrial grade diamonds are purchased through various exporters. Industrial grade diamonds are mined and then shipped in raw form and in a wide range of sizes, according to use. There are more than 100 types of industrial grade diamonds used in the manufacture of consumer goods. Synthetic diamonds, or “man made” diamonds as they are known, are also used in manufacturing. West Africa mines the largest volume of industrial grade diamonds used to manufacture accessories in homes like counter tops and window insulation.

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