Diamonds in Space

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The planets of Uranus and Neptune have long been known or suspected to have lots of diamonds. Scientists have come to the conclusion that both planets have the right combination of temperature, pressure and the correct materials to produce diamonds. In fact, it is surmised that due to these factors these planets may actually have the ability to convert atmospheric methane directly into diamonds. This would mean that, small diamonds would literally fall from the sky.

In addition to these to lucky diamond producing planets, new evidence indicates that Jupiter and Saturn may also have what it takes to make diamonds. The difference with these two planets is the materials available. It is the storms on Saturn that they believe produce enough carbon in the way of soot, and enough pressure that as the particles descend in the atmosphere they gather weight and size and transform into diamonds.

Similar storms on Jupiter might also be diamond making machines. But the really cool thing about Jupiter is that the temperature can become so hot that the diamonds actually can melt. Some scientists believe that the planet has pools of liquid diamond. Of course the conditions at this depth in Jupiter’s atmosphere are really hostile, so no skinny dipping allowed.

They are also looking at a planet that they call 55 Cancri e or Super Earth. Apparently this planet is so alien from our beloved mother that it is covered in graphite and diamonds. Unlike earth, the planet is rich in carbon and most likely has a layer of diamond that makes up almost a third of the mass of the planet. Now that is a diamond!

Of course there is always a lot of debate with this kind of stuff. But, there is no doubt that it would be amazing if even just a bit of it was true. More study and observation will hopefully give us all some answers.

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