Sell A Diamond Ring in DuPage County, Illinois

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Weddings and Engagements in DuPage County, Illinois

Marrying in place like DuPage County, Illinois is a dream come true marriage ceremony. The place is not only beautiful and lively, but it is also just a few miles west of Chicago. In DuPage County, Illinois you must obtain a marriage license no more than 60 days, and no less than 24 hours, before your actual marriage. You must purchase your license together in DuPage County. Even though you purchase a wedding license, it is not valid until the actual wedding ceremony is performed by an “officiant”, and the license is signed and returned by them to the County from which it was purchased. Both applicants must be present when applying for the license. No blood test is required for the license, but people who are younger than 18 years old and older who are not blood relatives may marry without parental consent. Weddings at Arrowhead Golf Club Clubhouse provide extraordinary facilities and spectacular views. The County of DuPage County offers relatively mild weather and can accommodate a wedding any time of the year.

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