Different Cuts of Diamonds

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There are a handful of cuts of diamonds which are pretty common, round cuts being the most prevalent, and princess or square cut diamonds, not far behind, but their are quite a few other cuts of diamonds which we see on a regular basis.  Marquise and Emerald cuts are fairly standard.  a nice Marquise cut, especially when accented by a wedding band can make a striking ring, and an Emerald cut can be a great way to show off a flawless stone.  some of the more rare cut’s like a heart shaped cut or the Trillion cut are rare and can make a special ring even more unique.

No matter what the cut of the diamond you have, we can evaluate it and pay you top dollar for your ring.  odds are we have seen a similar ring before, and no matter how complicated, we will be able to grade and price your ring, and make you a highly competitive offer.

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