Different Setting For Diamond Earrings

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There are different settings for diamond earrings available. Diamond studs are some of the most popular diamond earrings. These different settings are used no matter the cut of the diamond. The snugger the diamond fits against the ear lobe the better the look. Different settings willhold the diamond at different distances. The setting itself may be round, square or oval. This will depend on the cut of the diamond.

The wearer has a choice of the number of prongs in the setting. Three and four prong settings are popular, as the diamond sits very close to the setting basket, which has the diamond sitting very close to the ear lobe when worn. These two settings are considered to be very refined and elegant. It is also possible to have more prongs in the setting, as diamond studs can be found with as many as six prongs. A crown style setting is not popular for diamond earrings as this pushed the diamond far away from the setting and the ear lobe. The diamond then appears to be dropping or gangly when worn.

There are several options for the type of metal used in the setting. Settings can be made of white gold, platinum and gold. Platinum is a popular metal for diamonds as the white metal enhances the brilliance and lack of color in the gems. White gold is another option that resembles platinum, though white gold is a softer metal. Regular gold is used to bring out the warmth of the diamonds. This metal is a good choice if you want to match the studs to other jewelry you wear that uses gold.