Different Types of Earring Backs

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There are a lot of different ways to keep earrings in place, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. I have a few that I prefer, and some that I completely dislike. Everyone has their own tastes, though, so I’m going to go over a few options I’ve encountered and will let you make your own decisions about what would work for you.

Screw-on backs are most commonly used for keeping expensive earrings securely in place. They are notoriously uncomfortable because of the thick posts, difficult to put on and take off and many people have gone to great lengths to get their precious stones mounted on posts that are not threaded. I am firmly in this camp. An alternative is the back that can push on but must be screwed off, which is often favored because it still holds the earring in place but does not come with the thick post.

Push-on backs are the most typical choice. They can come in various metals or in plastic. Losing them renders the earring unusable, but they are easily replaced and bought in bulk. I prefer the plastic push on backs because they are more secure and more comfortable than metal. They can sit a little further back from the earlobe and still keep their grip on the post. They don’t irritate sensitive skin as cheap metals can.

My favorite kind of earring back is the french wire. Shaped like a fish hook, the post runs through the ear and hangs down, allowing gravity to hold the earring in place. In general, they work better than posts on their own, but some will still slip and then a plastic push-on back is helpful for extra stability. I find this type of earring to be much easier to wear for long stretches of time. They don’t seem to pinch or irritate as much as other kinds.

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