Engagement Rings with Other Stones

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Recently, purchasing or owning an engagement ring with stones other than diamonds has become very popular. People are always searching for ways to differentiate themselves from others or want have something that others do not. This is also a way to have a ring with a more significant meaning. Engagement rings can be the “hub” to your birthstone, your favorite color, the stone representing the month you met, a child’s birthstone and much more.

While hosting a ring that boasts a different kind of trend is appealing to many people and can certainly be a conversation starter, there are some things that should be thought about before making that final decision.

Stones are associated with a rating called a Mohs rating. The Mohs rating applies a number from 1 to 10 to each stone based on its mineral hardness. The diamond comes with a rating of 10, meaning it can be worn all day, everyday without having the fear of it becoming cracked or faded. Following the diamond, in descending order: Topaz with a rating of 8, Emerald with a rating of 7.5-8, Amethyst rated with a 7, Opal rates a 5.5-6 and Pearl coming in at 2.5-4.5. As you can see, not all stones are going to be as “timeless” as diamonds are.

When seRuby Engagement Ringarching for your perfect stone, be it a diamond or not, there are some things you should think about and research. Make sure your stone isn’t treated in a laboratory to receive its color, otherwise, you may end up with a faded stone. If you want to go with an Opal or Pearl, make sure you know how to take care of it so that it doesn’t dry up and crack. One more thing to look into is how easily scratched an stone may be. You don’t want the only thing shinier on your ring, than your stone, to be the scratches in it.




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