Engagment Ideas for a Second Marriage

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So you have been here before, but obviously you do not want the second marriage to be anything like the first one. This includes the engagement. You found love after you swore you would never love again. Now it is time to take the next step and make it official. So how will you propose this engagement? The answer to that question depends on the type of person you are proposing to. If you are proposing to someone very outgoing plan on proposing out in the open, not necessarily in front of an audience, but in a public space. Like on the beach at sunset or in the park under the moon lite sky.

If you are proposing to a spontaneous person do something out of the normal. Try popping the question while riding on a roller coaster at a amusement park or fair. If you have more of an athlete on your hand try rock climbing and when you reach the top pop the big question. If you have a hopeless romantic on your hands try the traditional candle light dinner in a very romantic place.

Do not forget that often times the simple things can be the most romantic. Every proposal will not wow everyone. You know what your future spouse likes and use this too your advantage even if this is your second try at love. It is still worth the effort and time to make it even more special than the first. If you need a full proof proposal try romantic vacation spots as they can often lend a hand. What ever you decide do not forget to propose from the heart because what comes from the heart is also felt by the heart. Forget that this is your second time and remember the reason why you are doing a proposal and you will be fine.

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