Trendspotting: Eternity Rings

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The engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring has retained relevance and meaning for years. These rings are symbolic of one’s dedication to another person. Rings were used by the Ancient Egyptians, and it is the Egyptians who began the tradition of wearing these rings of promise and commitment on the fourth finger of the left hand as they believed that this finger contained a vein leading directly to the heart.

In our more modern world, there has been a trend towards eternity rings. These brilliantine rings are simply elegant, with small or medium sized diamonds or other gemstones set completely around the ring symbolizing an everlasting love. Generally these rings are given on an anniversary or other special occasion, but as of late, especially among the newer generations, brides are choosing eternity rings over the more traditional wedding rings as they are simple and elegant and absolutely beautiful.

Eternity rings are also versatile in that they are not exclusively for brides or spouse’s anniversaries. They may also symbolize children’s and grandchildren’s birthday set in a multi colored rainbow of stones each representing a beautiful memory. Whatever the reason one receives an eternity ring, the love and appreciation will certainly last as long as the ring’s intention–an eternity of love and commitment.