Evolution of the Superbowl Ring

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Take a look at an NFL Superbowl champion’s ring and there are few things you’ll notice. You’ll see the team’s name, the team logo, the number of Superbowl (usually in Roman numerals), the individual player’s name and jersey number, oh and one more thing you’ll notice…diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds.

Superbowl rings weren’t always quite as full of bling as they are today. The first Superbowl ring, commissioned by the Green Bay Packers after being crowned champions of the 1966 season, contained just one diamond. Granted, the diamond was a 1 carat diamond and the ring may have been rather flashy for the time. Today, the ring is as much a part of being a Superbowl champion as the game itself.

To quote many players over many years “The ring is the thing.”

It’s one thing to be able to say you’re a Superbowl champion, it’s a whole other to be able to show it off. That’s why over the years since Superbowl I the ring has evolved as much as the game itself. Today Superbowl rings are literally covered with diamonds. Each year the winning team earns the right to design it’s own ring and each year they seem to try to outdo the designs that have come before. Some designs have featured larger stones representing a number of Superbowl wins for the franchise or a number of years the franchise has been in the NFL. Perhaps the most extravagant of Superbowl rings is the New England Patriots ring designed after they won Superbowl XXXIX. The ring featured 124 diamonds and is said to weigh over a quarter pound.

One thing we can count on as we prepare for Superbowl XLVII, whoever wins the battle on the field will be wearing the diamonds to show it off come spring.

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