Football Diamonds

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Seahawks Super Bowl RingA super bowl ring is the prized possession of any NFL player in the world. There are those who work their entire lives in order to get one. The beauty of the NFL ring is many times looked over, as the feats on the field are what is payed most attention to most times. However, the super bowl ring is a beautiful thing in and of itself. Master jewelers spend countless hours making some of the most beautiful rings in the world. The diamonds that are a part of the super bowl ring make it one of the most beautiful diamond pieces in the world.

One of the most memorable super bowl rings is the one for the recent champs, the Seattle Seahawks. This ring was created by that famous Tiffany & Co. jewelry manufacturer. The diamonds on this ring alone are magnificent. With over 180 diamonds on just the top alone, it is easy to see why the super bowl rings are one of the most coveted rings in the entire world.

The New York Giants ring from 2008 is also an incredible ring that totes some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Tiffany and CO. also manufactured this ring in all of its perfection. The next year in 2009, Tiffany and CO. also made another magnificent ring for the New Orleans Saints. With many beautiful diamonds placed in a gold ring, this is one of the most beautiful super bowl rings that has ever been manufactured.

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