George Clooney’s Engagement Ring

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clooney's engagement ringGeorge Clooney, an actor who has gone on record saying he would never get married again, proposed to his fiance Amal Alamuddin this past April with a beautifully extravagant ring. The large, emerald-cut diamond has been seen on Alamuddin’s ring finger in every photo she’s taken since her proposal.

Jewerly expert Michael O’Connor asserts that Alamuddin’s ring is worth about $500,000. O’Connor also states that the ring is a symbol of purity, due to its platinum design and ethically-mined diamond centerpiece. The pure white platinum of the ring is the perfect setting for the large diamond, and platinum usually has a 95 percent purity rate.

Aside from the center diamond, the engagement ring also features small baguette diamonds on the sides of the ring. This makes the design of the ring even more intricate and visually appealing. Since there are fewer facets in the ring, the jewelry piece gives off a particularly white light and brightness.

Recently, Alamuddin was seen wearing her ring with a casual outfit that included an oversized sweater and ripped jeans. The ring stood out as an elegant and refined piece that contrasted her laid-back clothing well.

Clooney is 53 and has starred in a number of movies. He is perhaps most well-known for his long-standing role on the hit TV show “ER.” Alamuddin is 36, and is a British human rights attorney. Sources close to the couple state that the engagement didn’t come as a surprise, as Clooney and Alamuddin are very loving toward each other.


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