GIA Certified Diamonds

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What is a GIA Diamond

Almost any diamond can become a GIA certified stone. Founded in the early 1930s, the Gemological Institute of America is the worlds foremost authority on diamonds, and is actually a non-profit organization. They do not mine or polish stones, rather they educate and certify stones and diamond professionals.

How do we deal with GIA Diamonds

GIA Certifications are the gold standard in the Diamond Industry, and knowing the certification number means that we can evaluate your stone more thoroughly without having to see it. That results in a higher offer for you than we would be able to make without the certification. Their certification offers a high degree of confidence in the attributes of your stone. With a GIA certification, we can make you and accurate and aggressive offer for your stone very quickly. It is definitely worth the trouble of going to your security deposit box or wherever you store your original GIA cert so that you can provide us with the number in order to facilitate your offer.