History of the Diamond Tiara

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Kate Middelton Tiara

Liz Taylor Tiara

Princess Di TiaraYou dont have to be a princess to wear a Tiara, but it sure helps!

What is worn on a person’s head can denote how the person is characterized, by themselves and by others. Of course traditionally, headdress that a person wore provided clues to the adorneds stature in society, and their wealth. An Indian chief’s headdress, a Queen’s crown, to a first lady pillbox’s hat – prominent people wore headdress that denoted their place in society.

One of the oldest headdresses that are known is the tiara. From ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians history the tiara was worn as a symbol of nobility or royalty.  Even Eastern kings in ancient history wore a form of a tiara or crown. Prince William and Princess Kate shared vows at her wedding with the Princess wearing the Cartier Halo tiara, which had almost 800 diamonds.

The reason that Tiara’s are so commonly tied to royalty is that the diamond tiara was the gift that kings gave to their wives and daughters for special occasions. These diamond tiaras become cherished heirlooms that were passed down through the family. Some research says that the oldest diamond tiara is the one that belonged to Princess Louisa, a sister of King William I. There are other historians say that the oldest diamond tiara was owned by Princess Beatrix. The Tiara however is noted to have an origin back to the 1800s.

Everything old is new again, and there appears to be a revival of the diamond tiara today. The diamond tiara is now worn by Royalty, brides, and prom queens the world over. There is a renewal for tiaras to be made to mark special occasions for today’s royal and noble families. Beauty pageant winners have diamond tiaras placed on their head when the covenant crown is won. Actresses wear diamond tiaras to award shows. Brides are wearing diamond tiaras on their special wedding day. History is known to repeat itself and the diamond tiara is making a welcome comeback.

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