How Is A Diamond Cut

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How a diamond is cut is much of an art as any. Cutting a diamond is a skill that requires the proper tools, know how and ability to work with such valuable stones. Anyone can cut a stone or separate into smaller pieces but to actually cut one is a skill unto its own. The process of cutting a diamond leaves no room for error nor can one skip around the process and hope to be successful.

Diamond cutting takes on four distinct processes that allow the cutter to analyze, perform and inspect the work for the greatest in clarity and value. The first in this process is sawing the diamond into smaller more manageable and cost effective diamonds for resale. The follow-on step is what is known as bruting. This is a simple solution of rapidly spinning two diamonds against each other to form the desired shape, or what is commonly referred to as ‘the cut.’

The final two steps bring the diamond to its final cutting and overall destination, retail. Polishing the diamond is a significant part of the cutting process. Polishing brings out the twinkle of the diamond that makes it so endearing. Polishing is the next to last step in the cutting process. The sawing and bruting are both very rigorous activities that the diamond must endure to reach the desired cut. The polishing will clean the diamond and prepare it for the final step in the cutting process.

Inspection of the diamond is crucial to tell the success of the cutting and the overall value of the diamond. In this step the cut is evaluated for precision and how it left the diamond once complete. This process in the cutting of the diamond will determine value and to what wholesaler the diamond will be sold.