How Is A Diamond Polished

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Polishing a diamond can be done one of two ways, professionally by a jeweler or at home by you. The jeweler will of course be using professional grade polishers and a buffing machine to buff and polish the diamond however, there is a way to do this yourself at home with nearly the same results. For this article we will look at the do it yourself polishing of a diamond.

Before you polish any diamond you should first clean it. This is done by allowing the diamond to soak in a bowl with diluted window cleaner or mild dish washing liquid for ten to fifteen minutes. Before removing however, be sure to agitate the diamond by gently whisking it back and forth for about thirty seconds. Remove the diamond from the water and gently dry it by using a soft glass cloth, set aside to allow complete drying.

After about thirty minutes, the diamond is ready to be polished. Place about a pea size amount of toothpaste on a soft bristled toothbrush. Do not use whitening or gel based toothpaste for this event, they do not provide the same cleaning power and often stain the diamond. Now, gently brush the diamond with the toothpaste. Use short circular strokes being sure to cover the entire diamond with the paste. Scrub thoroughly for several minute. Rinse under warm water until completely free of the toothpaste. Using the same soft cloth as before, dry the diamond off and set aside for a few minutes.

Finally, examine the diamond for any residual toothpaste and rinse again and dry as needed. This completes the in home polishing process and should leave the diamond sparkling and radiant.