How Is Carat Weight Of A Diamond Calculated

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The overall independent weight of a diamond determines its recorded carat weight, abbreviated as ct. Carat weight is important because it determines the overall cost of a diamond coupled with other important factors. Determining carat weight is actually a quite simple process and can be accomplished by any one with a proper scale and basic math abilities or a calculator. Carat weight is spoken to in one, twos and threes but actually is based on a metric weight.

As stated, carat weight is determined by weighing the diamond and only the diamond. To determine the carat weight of your diamond you will need to have it set alone, not with the ring, pendant or other jewelry. The diamond should be as clean as possible to cause any false weight based on dirt, dust or grime that may have adhered to the diamond. Ensure the diamond is clean by using a non-residue cleanser. The scale should be clean and free of other debris and should also be wiped down before weighing the diamond. The scale you employ must be able to measure weight in milligrams.

Simply place the diamond on the scale and record the weight in milligrams. Set this figure down on a piece of paper so that you can perform the math to obtain the carat weight. Once you have this information you can divide the weight of the diamond in milligrams by 200. A carat weight for a diamond is equal to 200 milligrams. So, if your diamond weighs 445 milligrams it is 2.45 carats. This elementary process is used to weigh any diamond no matter how small or large.